Managing Cancer Care in Your Health Plan Cover

PHM and Springbuk provide actions for employers to mitigate cancer risk

Employers can play a substantial role in closing the clinical quality gap in cancer care. In this whitepaper, PHM combines proprietary data analytics and clinical insights to identify ways companies can improve cancer outcomes while optimizing cancer spend.

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In "Managing Cancer Care in Your Health Plan," we set out to answer a question: 

How can employers adapt their health plan to improve efficient outcomes for employees with cancer while reducing inefficient spend? 

Our analysis focuses on three areas:

  • Encourage prevention through advanced screenings to achieve better health outcomes at lower treatment costs.
  • Enable molecular profiling, still highly underutilized, to ensure cancers are appropriately characterized and individuals are benefiting from the latest in precision medicine.
  • Optimize drug spend by making informed formulary decisions, not merely restricting use of high-cost drugs.

The newly released findings include Springbuk's claims data from more than 1,000 select employers consisting of 1.7 million lives covered.

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