Whitepaper: Transformative Cancer Diagnostics and Treatments in Employer Health Benefit Programs

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Employers can revolutionize cancer care management and play a substantial role in closing the clinical quality gap in cancer care.

In our whitepaper, "Why Every Employer Needs a Molecular Profiling Strategy",  PHM leverages its deep health intelligence to put forward five actionable steps to accelerate the adoption of precision oncology to reduce the cancer burden in employer populations. 

PHM's Chief Scientist, Eva Gordon, states that 80% of cancer patients do not receive molecular profiling but it is critical to enable better cancer outcomes through precision oncology.  

Here are five actionable steps for employers to leverage the full potential of precision oncology:

  • Stay current on evolving cancer diagnostics and treatments by establishing relationships with trusted cancer experts.
  • Assess employee needs by collaborating with data partners to gain unique insights within your employee population. 
  • Evaluate coverage of health and pharmaceutical plans for molecular profiling.
  • Support providers to adapt to rapid advancements in cancer treatment. 
  • Develop a business case by collecting clinical and financial data to drive the adoption of treatments across the healthcare ecosystem. 

Employers can improve cancer outcomes and optimize cost by increasing access to molecular profiling and supporting clinically informed use of the latest treatments and technologies.

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Given the rapid pace of advancements and the known lag in adoption across the healthcare system, benefits leaders need trusted clinically sophisticated partners to take full advantage of these developments.

- Ken Tarkoff
Chief Executive Officer

PHM Cancer Solutions for Benefit Leaders

PHM reduces the cancer burden for employers and employees using a precision approach to workforce strategy and clinically-led care. Our solutions:

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Quantitative analysis to inform a targeted strategy to systematically address the workforce cancer burden

Care Management

Precision medicine backed care management to confirm diagnosis, access experts, assess treatment options, and coordinate care

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